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Adventure Awaits

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Adventure Awaits Carved Sign-Customize Me!

- A unique gift for the Adventurer in your life!

- All lettering is carved into the wood, creating a unique 3D effect. Unlike painted signs or vinyl it will never peel off.
- A Perfect Home Decoration accent fits in any decor. Our original designs are hand-sanded, hand-finished, and hand-assembled in Muskoka, Canada.
- Measures 3.5" tall x 23" wide x 3/4" thick. Just the right size to make a statement! Carved Wooden Sign made of durable and renewable pine wood, finished with distressed flat black paint.
-Letters are unfinished and show off the beauty of natural pine.
- Made from SOLID REAL WOOD so knots and wood grain are not considered defects but enhance the character of the sign. Recommended for indoor use.