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Minimalistic Modern Name Sign in Navy Blue

Minimalistic Modern Name Sign in Navy Blue

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  1. Design: Rustic and minimalistic, making it suitable for various room aesthetics.

  2. Material: Crafted from high-quality Navy Blue wood, ensuring durability and a stylish finish.

  3. Dimensions: It measures 16x5x0.75 inches, providing a substantial yet manageable size for display.

  4. Style: Has a sleek and modern look, which can complement a wide range of interior design themes.

  5. Versatility: Suitable for use in homes, offices, or as a thoughtful gift.

  6. Optional Clear Coat: Can be used for exterior purposes with the optional clear coat, adding to its versatility and protecting it from the elements.

Both lines can be customized, a maximum of 10 characters on each line can be carved on the sign.

At Maison Muskoka, we make all our unique carved designs to order and can be personalized to your specifications. Every item is made from SOLID REAL WOOD to create Unique Interiors Uniquely Yours.

Knots and wood grain will be present and enhance the sign's character.
It is recommended for indoor use.

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